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The required female personal assistant cum office in charge  published in Khaleej Times on 16 May 2021 & Last Date to apply is 16 June 2021. It a Full time Job and 1-2 years experience required for this jobs. The location of the will be Dubai, and industries will be Construction. Salary will be given to 5000 to 7000 AED.


The candidate will be in charge of

  • – Keeping journals.
  • – Scheduling appointments
  • – Receiving messages
  • – Keyboarding and word processing
  • – Planning and organising meetings.
  • – Working with a number of software programmes
  • – Making arrangements for transportation and lodging.
  • – Database management
  • – Putting procedures and administrative systems in place and keeping them up to date.
  • – Communicating with employees, vendors, and clients.
  • – Writing letters, giving presentations, and writing reports.


Required Female Personal Assistant

FEMALE OFFICE INCHARGE/PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO THE MANAGING DIRECTOR IS Needed.A full-time engagement is possible. It would be necessary to travel abroad with a Managing Director.The nominee must have a pleasant personality, be self-assured, courageous, and open-minded, have excellent presentation skills, and be trustworthy.


  • – Reasonably attractive, with excellent English and communication skills.
  • – Should have a strong desire to travel.
  • – Candidates must be familiar with the internet and Microsoft Office.
  • – Candidate should be capable of multitasking and putting in long hours.
  • – The candidate must be a doer.

Salary can include 5,000 AED to a maximum of 7,000 AED based on performance other benefits: Indians, Lankan, Pakistan, Nepal, Omani prefer visa, accommodation, annual ticket home,health insurance.outstanding communication (english, if arabic and hindi it will be plus)


Required Female Personal Assistant

Only serious candidates can apply CV with Photographs:


In conclusion, the role of a Required Female Personal Assistant cum Office In Charge is crucial for any organization looking to maintain efficient operations. The responsibilities of this role require a high level of organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to multitask effectively. Additionally, having a female personal assistant in this position can bring diversity to the workplace and provide a unique perspective. Overall, a skilled and experienced female personal assistant can contribute significantly to the success of an organization and serve as a valuable asset to the team.


Q1. What are the responsibilities of a female personal assistant cum office in charge?

A1. The responsibilities may vary depending on the job requirements but generally include managing schedules, coordinating appointments, communicating with clients, preparing reports, and supervising office operations.

Q2. What skills are required for a female personal assistant cum office in charge?

A2. Strong communication skills, organizational skills, attention to detail, time management skills, and proficiency in using computer software are some of the essential skills required for the job.

Q3. Is previous experience required for a female personal assistant cum office in charge position?

A3. It is preferred, but not always necessary. Candidates with relevant education and skills may also be considered for the job.

Q4. What is the educational qualification required for a female personal assistant cum office in charge position?

A4. A bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, or a related field may be preferred, but a high school diploma or equivalent may also be accepted based on the employer’s requirements.

Q5. What is the salary range for a female personal assistant cum office in charge?

A5. The salary may vary depending on the employer, job location, and the candidate’s experience and qualifications. Generally, the salary range may be between $30,000 to $60,000 per year.

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