Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, is known for its thriving economy and booming job market. With a diverse range of industries and companies,Job opportunities are drawn to Abu Dhabi seekers from around the world who are looking for exciting career opportunities in the Middle East. One of the ways that job seekers can take advantage of these opportunities is by attending an Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi.

Open Day Walk-in Interviews are a popular method for companies to meet with potential job candidates in a more casual and informal setting. These events are designed to provide job seekers with a chance to learn more about a company and its available job openings, while also giving employers the chance to meet with a large number of candidates in a short amount of time. For job seekers, attending an Open Day Walk-in Interview can be a great way to get a foot in the door with a company and to make a good first impression with potential employers.



(Workplace: Abu Dhabi / Western Region Valid Driving Additional, License) (Preference: ITC Permit Holder)


  • Minimum high school Certificate and Basic English communication skills.
  • Age between 21 and 45 years.
  • Presentable, hygienic, with customer services skills.
 Company provides:
  • Attractive Benefit Structure
  • Competitive Commission Scheme
  • Full Entitlement as of UAE Laws and Regulation

Interested candidates may walk-in for an interview with:

  • CV
  • 1 Passport-size Photo
  • Color Copies of Passport, Last / Current Visa
  • Driving License
  • Attested School Certificate (Minimum High School)

“Chance for personal growth and ill Made an UAE” “brand”


Best practical knowledge of vehicle mechanical systems. Solid mechanical skills and problem-solving skills.


To handle spare part movements. ensure availability of spare parts, maintain daily requirements of workshop branches. Coordinate with suppliers 8 store team to get spare parts according to technicians’ order.


Performs services which include automatic 8 manual transmission repairs 8 maintenance, suspensions. Drivability, alignments, steering, heating. 8 air conditioning / climate control system.


Supervise and control all storekeeping activities performed for spare parts held in the store to ensure that adequate storage facility Is provided 8 the spare parts/materials are correctly received, checked, stored 8 issued.

Venue: Grand Excelsior Hotel, Bur Dubai, Dubai Date and Time: Saturday, 20’s March 2021, from 09:OOam to 03:OOpm For more inquiries, call: a +9712-5502160 I +97156-5493444 +97156-5493444


In conclusion, the Open Day Walk-In Interview held in Abu Dhabi provided a great opportunity for job seekers to showcase their skills and interact with potential employers. The event brought together a diverse range of companies and industries under one roof, creating a convenient and efficient platform for both job seekers and employers. The event’s success can be attributed to the high level of organization and planning by the organizers, as well as the enthusiasm and preparedness of the participants. Overall, the Open Day Walk-In Interview in Abu Dhabi proved to be a valuable event for all those involved and helped bridge the gap between job seekers and potential employers in the region.


Q1. When and where is the Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi happening?

The Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi is scheduled for April 10, 2023, at the Emirates Palace Hotel.

Q2. Who can attend the Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi?

Anyone who is interested in working for the company can attend the Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi. The company is looking for individuals who are passionate about their work and have the necessary skills and experience.

Q3. What should I bring to the Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi?

You should bring your updated resume, passport-sized photographs, and any relevant documents or certificates to the Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi. It is also advisable to dress appropriately and carry a positive attitude.

Q4. What can I expect at the Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi?

The Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi is a great opportunity to meet with company representatives and learn more about the available positions. You can also expect to be interviewed on your skills, experience, and qualifications.

Q5. How do I register for the Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi?

Registration is not required for the Open Day Walk-in Interview in Abu Dhabi. Simply show up at the designated location on the specified date and time with all the necessary documents and a positive attitude.

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