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Chemical Blending Factory in MESSAID looking for qualified and experienced candidates for the following positions. Interested candidates may send CV’s to phari.consultants@gmail.com

Following positions are IMMEDIATELY required:

  1.  Chemical Engineer- Sales
  2.  Laboratory Chemist (Chemistry Degree)
  3.  Chief Chemist (Chemistry Degree/ Chemical Engineer)
  4.  Production Supervisor (Chemical Engineer)
  5. Health and Safety Engineer
  6. Field Services Technician (Repair and Maintenance)
  7. Quality Controller (Chemistry Degree)

NOTE: All positions should have minimum 5-10 years of experience
Following IT PROFESSIONALS are required:

  1.  IT Engineers- Marketing/ Business Development (IoT experience preferred)
  2.  IT Engineers- Project Implementation & Execution (IoT experience preferred)

NOTE: All positions should have minimum 10-15 years of experience

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