Hiring Kids Playground Supervisor In Dubai

September 28, 2023
$810 - $950 / month
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Job Description

Do you have a strong desire to give kids an enjoyable and secure environment? We offer a fantastic chance for you to join our team if you have two years of expertise in child care and are enthusiastic about managing a kids’ playground in Dubai.


Your main duties as a playground supervisor for children will be:

Monitoring the playground for kids’ regular activities.
Ensuring the wellbeing and safety of every kid using the facility.
Arranging games and activities that are suitable for the child’s age.
Assisting and directing kids while they are playing.
Preserving a tidy, well-organized play area.
Enforcing laws and guidelines to guarantee a fun and secure experience.
Contacting parents and other carers when necessary.
Preserving attendance and incident records.
Reporting to management any maintenance or security issues.
Establishing a warm, accepting environment for kids and their families.


You should fulfil the following prerequisites in order to succeed in this role:

Having worked in childcare or a similar profession for at least two years.
Understanding of first aid and kid safety.
Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.
A capacity for both independence and teamwork.
Patience, imagination, and a passion for working with kids.

We cordially encourage you to submit an application for the Kids Playground Supervisor position if you are enthusiastic about ensuring that kids have a wonderful and safe experience while playing and meet the requirements listed. Join our team and help us provide the kids using our playground special memories.