Hiring Grating Engineer In Qatar

September 2, 2023
$1000 - $1500 / month
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Job Description

Join us for an urgent opportunity in the role of Grating Engineer, where your expertise in GI, FRP, and GRP will be pivotal. Professionals with at least five years of experience are particularly needed for offshore projects. If you have the necessary qualifications and a Visa with NOC available, we strongly advise you to apply right away.


As a Grating Engineer, you will be responsible for the following:

Putting your in-depth understanding of GI, FRP, and GRP materials to use while organising and carrying out projects.
Overseeing offshore projects and making sure grating systems are installed and maintained effectively.
Working together with project teams to evaluate requirements, provide technical direction, and guarantee adherence to industry standards.
Conducting quality checks and inspections to ensure the reliability and security of grating installations.
Putting into practise best practises for grating installation and design to maximise project results.
Upkeep of precise project paperwork, including material specifications and progress reports.

Requirements For Grating Engineer Job

A minimum of five years’ worth of experience with GI, FRP, and GRP materials, particularly in offshore projects.
Having a valid visa with NOC is required.
Strong technical understanding of grating materials and systems.
Excellent problem-solving and project management abilities.
Teamwork and effective communication skills.
Dedication to safety procedures and laws.
A focus on quality control and attention to detail.
Adaptability to changing project requirements.