Hiring Food Service Supervisor In Canada

September 29, 2023
$600 - $680 / week
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Job Description

As a Food Service Supervisor, you can join the dynamic team at KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut in Canada. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your career in a fast-paced and lucrative workplace if you are a passionate individual with 1-2 years of experience in the food service sector.


As a Food Service Supervisor, your key responsibilities will include

Directing and organising the work of the personnel that provides food.
Ensuring superior customer service and responding to questions or issues from customers.
Observing quality standards, portion control, and meal preparation.
Educating new hires and keeping an eye on their performance.
Keeping track of inventory levels and scheduling supply orders.
Following sanitary and food safety rules.
Handling money and keeping precise financial records.
Addressing operational problems and elevating them if required.
Scheduling personnel and controlling shift rotations.
Encouraging an optimistic and cooperative workplace.


Candidates should fulfil the requirements listed below in order to succeed in this position:

Schooling beyond high school.
Experience working in the food service sector for 1-2 years.
Strong communication and interpersonal abilities.
Leadership skills and the capacity to inspire a group.
Understanding of hygienic and food safety norms.
Being available to work on weekends, holidays, and in the evenings.
Have permission to work in Canada