Hiring Driver In Sharjah UAE

September 18, 2023
$950 - $1090 / month
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Job Description

Are you a dependable and experienced driver searching for work in Sharjah? We have an exciting employment available for you if you have the required driving abilities and credentials.

Driver Responsibilities

Driving a vehicle safely to deliver people or things to their destinations.
Observing the laws and regulations governing traffic to ensure safe travel.
Maintaining the car’s cleanliness and functionality.
If appropriate, loading and unloading the cargo.
For on-time deliveries, route planning and excellent time management are essential.
Supplying the necessary papers and ensuring the security of the products.
Delivering superior customer service, especially if the position involves transporting passengers.
Immediately reporting any problems with vehicle upkeep or accidents.
Observing company guidelines and safety requirements.
Other obligations that the employer assigns.


If you want to be a successful Driver in Sharjah, you should meet the following requirements:

A valid driver’s licence for the type of car you’re planning to drive.
Earlier driving experience, if any.
Familiarity with Sharjah’s streets and routes.
A working knowledge of traffic laws.
Outstanding driving abilities and a spotless driving record.
A strong ability to communicate, especially while working with passengers.
A considerate and responsible approach.