Fire Alarm Electrical Engineer Position In Qatar

September 1, 2023
$1500 - $2000 / month
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Job Description

Join our team as a Fire Alarm Electrical Engineer and play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of facilities through the effective management and maintenance of fire alarm systems. If you are an experienced professional with a background in electrical engineering and fire safety, we invite you to consider this opportunity.


Area of responsibilities for fire alarm electrical engineer

Following industry standards while designing, installing, testing, and maintaining fire alarm systems.
Identifying potential fire safety risks and hazards by conducting inspections and evaluations.
Incorporating fire alarm systems into construction plans through collaboration with architects, contractors, and other stakeholders.
Performing regular upkeep and fire alarm system troubleshooting to guarantee maximum performance.
Addressing system problems as soon as they arise and responding to emergency calls.
Ensuring adherence to local fire safety laws and regulations.
Educating and training building inhabitants about how to operate fire alarm systems safely.
Keeping thorough records of system inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Job Requirements

To be considered for the Fire Alarm Electrical Engineer position, candidates should possess the following qualifications:

Electrical engineering or a similar field as a Bachelor’s degree.
Experience designing, installing, and servicing fire alarm systems for at least five years.
The requirement is UPDA/QCDD Licence (Grade A/B/C).
A driving licence is necessary in Qatar.
Must have a Transferable Visa or NOC and be presently present in Qatar.