Data Entry Clerk Job Available In Dubai UAE

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Job Description

We need a dedicated data entry clerk to maintain the databases for our business. To gather information, the data entry clerk will communicate and follow up with both customers and other company staff. The data entry clerk will accurately and promptly enter the data into the necessary databases. You will spot mistakes, make them right, and, if required, quickly bring them to the attention of the proper people.


Collecting documents and information from clients, other departments, and employees, including invoices, statements, and reports.
Searching through data to find relevant information.
Correcting errors and setting up the data in a way that will facilitate quick and precise capture.
Making precise spreadsheets.
Updating and adding data to pertinent databases.
Ensuring the backup of data.
Notifying necessary persons of mistakes made.
Arranging the way tangible copies of data are stored to improve retrieval.
Handling occasional additional tasks.


Diploma from high school.
1+ years’ worth of related experience.
English language proficiency.
Excellent Excel and Word skills in Microsoft Office.
Strong communication and interpersonal abilities.
Ability to focus for extended periods of time and work accurately and quickly enough.
Outstanding touch typing abilities