Computer Operator Vacancy In Dubai

November 20, 2023
$950 - $1090 / month
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Job Description

A reputable company in Dubai is looking for a qualified computer operator with one to two years of experience right now. This is a fantastic chance to become a part of a vibrant team and support the efficient running of computer systems in an office setting.

Computer Operator Skills and Responsibilities

  • Carry out and keep an eye on regular computer tasks to guarantee smooth operation.
  • Control the hardware and software systems on computers, including updates and installations.
  • Execute standard maintenance procedures and troubleshoot issues as they arise.
  • Work together with IT personnel to quickly and effectively resolve problems.
  • Make sure frequent data backups are carried out to preserve system integrity.
  • Keep an eye on system performance and take prompt action in response to warnings or possible issues.


  • One to two years of demonstrable experience operating computers.
  • Knowledgeable about both software and hardware for computers.
  • Knowledgeable about maintenance techniques and system troubleshooting.
  • Great attention to detail when managing complex computer tasks.
  • Strong teamwork and communication abilities to collaborate with IT teams efficiently.
  • The capacity to prosper in a dynamic setting where priorities change.
  • Prior work experience in Dubai is beneficial.

If you possess the required skills and experience, we encourage you to apply for the Computer Operator Jobs In Dubai. Join our team and contribute to the smooth operation of our computer systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a computer operator in data backup?

In data backup, a computer operator’s responsibilities include carrying out planned backup processes, confirming the accuracy of backup files, and guaranteeing the safe storage of important data.

How do computer operators ensure system security?

By putting in place access controls, updating security patches on a regular basis, keeping an eye out for questionable activity, and upholding data encryption protocols, computer operators guarantee system security.

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