Computer Operator Job Available In Dubai UAE

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Job Description

Responsibilities of Computer Operator

Monitor computer systems and networks for errors, malfunctions, and security breaches.
Perform routine system maintenance tasks, such as installing software updates, backing up data, and monitoring system performance.
Operate computer systems and peripheral equipment, such as printers and scanners.
Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues related to computer hardware, software, and network connectivity.
Maintain accurate records of system activity and error logs, and report any issues to management.
Monitor and respond to system alerts and notifications, and escalate issues as necessary.
Collaborate with other IT professionals, such as network administrators and software developers, to ensure that systems and applications are running smoothly.
Follow established procedures for data backup and recovery in the event of a system failure or data loss.
Maintain inventory of hardware and software assets, and ensure that licenses and warranties are up-to-date.
Provide technical support to end-users, such as resetting passwords and troubleshooting software issues.