Civil Engineer Position in Germany

January 4, 2024
$4000 - $5000 / month
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Job Description

SaarGrundbau GmbH & Co. KG is excited to announce a promising opportunity for the role of Civil Engineer in Saarbrücken, Germany. We are actively seeking experienced professionals to become a valuable member of our team and contribute significantly to the success of various specialised civil engineering projects in the dynamic southwest region of Germany.


As a Civil Engineer, your key responsibilities are listed below

  • Meticulous preparation of the work, guaranteeing thorough coordination and planning.
  • Construction schedules are optimised to shorten project timelines.
  • Construction sites are arranged efficiently to promote smooth operations.
  • Ongoing observation and thorough record-keeping of the project’s development.
  • Accurately managing billing procedures and carrying out additional management duties.


To thrive in this dynamic and permanent position, we seek individuals who bring:

  • Demonstrated proficiency with site organisation, construction scheduling, and work preparation.
  • The independence to work on one’s own and the will to produce outstanding results.
  • A Class B driver’s licence is necessary to handle the thrilling challenges of this position.


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