Air Conditioning Technician Job Available In Dubai UAE

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Job Description

Responsibilities Of Technician

Install, maintain, and repair air conditioning systems, including split units, package units, and central air conditioning systems.
Troubleshoot and diagnose problems with air conditioning systems, and recommend and implement appropriate solutions.
Conduct regular maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning units to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
Follow safety procedures and protocols, including the use of personal protective equipment and safe operating practices.
Keep accurate records of work performed, including hours worked, materials used, and equipment maintenance and repair activities.
Coordinate with other workers on the job site to ensure that work is being performed efficiently and according to schedule.
Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in air conditioning technology and equipment, and share knowledge with colleagues and other stakeholders.
Adhere to ethical and professional standards of conduct, including confidentiality and data privacy.
Provide guidance and support to apprentices and other support staff, including training and supervision.
Communicate effectively with customers and other stakeholders to ensure that work is performed to the desired specifications and standards.