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Are you planning for Study in Germany ,If you are seeking to pursue quality education by paying negligible amount, the Land of Ideas is the place to be at. Yes, German universities impart quality education at very low or no fee at all. Moreover, students get the chance to learn a new language, make new friends, and learn from one of the finest and smartest minds on the planet. 

Germany has been imparting education to the aspiring international students from all over the world, enhancing the literacy rate of the world. The degrees in all the fields are offered by the finest German universities, equipping the students with the practical knowledge alongside the theory.

Requirements for Study in Germany

Language Proficiency & Selecting the University

It is recommended that the international students must go through German Language Proficiency Course from the respective institutions before applying for the student visa. It is mandatory for all the foreign students to equip themselves with the German Proficiency so that they can comprehend the content being taught and be able to communicate and get in touch with the local population.

There are many universities and plenty of courses to choose from. This should be done well before applying. The student can now find out a particular university’s admission requirements by visiting the website or contacting the university by email or phone. The documents should be proactively be prepared by the student so that there is no delay in the application process later on.

Financial Requirement

The proof of financial resources is to be ensured and arranged for pursuing the application process. Although there is no tuition fee, but the students must have enough financial strength to sustain and survive in Germany. The foreign student must have at least €8,640 for covering the cost of living for a year. The same should be deposited in the Blocked Account.

Submit Application for Study in Germany

After ensuring the documents completion and the necessary funds, the student can either submit an online application (in most cases), or may have to send the application by post. Either way, the application shall be processed and the student shall be notified by issuing the admission letter.

Apply for German Student Visa

Upon receiving the letter of admission, the applicant should apply for German Student Visa immediately. The quicker the arrangement of funds, the faster the visa process will be, provided all the other required documents are in place. The funds can be submitted by opening a blocked bank account with Fintiba, an officially approved firm for foreign students. Alongside, the applicant should also get a health insurance policy.

Arranging Accommodation

It is strongly recommended to the applicants to make arrangements and reservations well before the date of travel, to avoid any inconvenience later. There are a lot of economical accommodations for international students to choose from.

Enrolling at University

The final step is of enrolling in the prescribed course at the university where the student has been admitted. This process shall take place in the university’s admission office, where the student shall pay the registration fee. Going through this, the student’s status shall change from successful student to registered international student in Germany. The student shall be issued with a registration card which he/she needs to carry along. This registration process is to be repeated in each new semester.

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