Gulf Jobs and Visas- Latest Jobs in Middle East

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9 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO BE/BTech electrical/mechanical sales engineer with a minimum of four years’ sales experience Valid driving licence from Qatar

Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait gather significant revenues from petroleum. However, Bahrain and UAE are now in the post-oil era where they have many other industries highly developed. Therefore, when we see the Gulf Jobs, it is not only related to the petroleum industry. Gulf countries are also home to regional offices of various large MNCs, other businesses, engineering firms, etc.

Gulf countries attract millions of people from all over the world because of the tremendous job opportunities and the exquisite lifestyle. However, because they attract many people, every job opportunity is flooded with applicants.

5 Easy Tips to Apply for Jobs in Gulf Countries in 2021?

Because there are a plethora of job opportunities in the Gulf, challenges and competition come with it. However, this article will walk you through the process through which you can apply for jobs in the Gulf countries. Following all the tips, you are bound to land multiple job interviews. From there, you can impress the interviewers by showcasing your skills and proving to them that you are the best for the job.

So read on, and find out the tips to get your dream job:

1)     Create/Prepare  your Resume

The first step for you before beginning to apply for jobs in the Gulf countries is preparing your resume. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any important details. But also make sure that you don’t clutter the resume by putting in everything. Employers look through thousands of applications for a job, if your resume seems cluttered, they are not going to spend their time reading it all. So, keep it simple and precise.

Following are some of the most important components of a resume:

·         Educational Background

Educational background is one of the most important components of a resume. Fresh grads who have little to include in the work experience section can input their school, college, and/ or university details and grades. However, for experienced candidates, it is recommended to omit the school and college details and go straight to mentioning your undergraduate and graduate degrees as applicable.

·         Work Experience

This is one of the critical components of a resume. If you are experienced, it is suggested that you only enter the work experience related to your field. Fresh graduates on the other hand can put in social internships and corporate internships as work experience too.

Pro Tip: Do mention the number of years/ month that you spent on each job.

·         Skills and Proficiency

This is where you can mention the skills that you have which meet the requirements of the job. This section can also include your additional certifications, your language proficiencies. This is because at times employers require additional certificates and proficiency in languages like Arabic and English.

2)     Create your Profile on Different Sites

The secret to landing multiple job interviews is creating profiles on different sites. This includes job sites and professional social websites such as LinkedIn. These profiles can increase your visibility to employers. You can also add your LinkedIn links to your resume where you can share much more than you could in your simple resume.

These websites also allow easy application to many jobs. Therefore, it will offer you many opportunities while hunting for jobs in Gulf countries.

3)     Apply Online According to the Requirements

You should always apply to jobs whose criteria you meet.

For example, a job might be looking for an individual who can speak fluent French because they might require the employee to deal with international clients. However, if you apply for the job and get shortlisted for an interview, you will not leave a good impression on the interviewers if you don’t match the requirements.

4)     Modify your Cover Letter for each Job

Just as you should not apply for any job blindly, you should make sure that you modify your cover letter according to each job requirement. This is how you can get the attention of the recruiters. It is critical, however, that you don’t make it lengthy which might bore out the employers.

So, crisp, and succinct content in your email can make a lasting impression and get you shortlisted for the interview stage.

Some components of the cover letter should include:

  • The platform from which you heard/ read about the job opening.
  • The skills you have that make you suitable for the job role (Top 3)
  • Take each skill that you believe you have (for example time management, managerial skills, etc.) and prove it with a short narration of an experience in college, university, or workplace.
  • Conclude with a paragraph or phrase like:
    • Hoping to hear from you soon.
    • References can be produced upon request.
    • I hope I will be a great addition to your team.

5)     Prepare interviews Quest according to your Field

Lastly, when you get selected for interviews, make sure that you are well-prepared. It is always good to brush up on the concepts related to your field so you can easily answer any question that the interviewers ask. This will also help you to prove that you know the work and possess the skills to do it effectively. Also, preparing for questions related to your work experience is important as that is how interviewers will judge your performance abilities.

You should also prepare answers for general interview questions. Some general interview questions are:

    • Tell me about yourself.
    • Why should we hire you?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Why are you planning to switch from your current job?
    • Why do you have a gap between your two previous jobs?
    • Tell me about your final project/ thesis?

Hopefully, these tips will help you to secure a job in the Gulf states. Remember to show that you are confident, skillful, and are a performer and you can negotiate on your terms of employment. All in all, once you put in the effort, you will definitely see results.

Best of luck ahead!

Gulf Jobs and Visas

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