The FIFA World Cup 2022  will not only be the first tournament staged in the Arab world, but it will also be the most compact, allowing fans to attend many games each day.

With high summer temperatures, each stadium, training facility, and fan zone is outfitted with solar-powered cooling technology to maintain a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. All stadiums will be environmentally friendly, with temperature control.

Because Qatar has a population of less than 3 million people, the tournament’s legacy must be carefully handled. To that purpose, the event organisers have committed to construct stadiums with modular parts that can be altered after the tournament to give a lasting legacy for the 2022 FIFA World Cup that extends far beyond Qatar’s boundaries.

Following the event, about 170,000 chairs will be disassembled and distributed to poorer nations to aid in the development of their sports infrastructure. In emerging economies, up to 22 new stadiums will be built, leaving Qatar with stadiums with capacities ranging from 20 to 25,000 seats, sufficient for its domestic entertainment needs.

Where are the 2022 World Cup stadiums?

1.Qatar Football 2022 Venue Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium

The stadium’s design pays homage to Qatar’s past and present while also looking ahead to the community’s future. Its construction will be an example of green development, with Qatar’s environmental aspirations in mind. Around it, communal facilities are growing up. In addition to offering a world-class stadium for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar, Qatar will also host the Asian Games in 2022.

A stadium that is distinctly Qatari and can compete with the greatest in the world.The stadium, which was built by Aspire Zone Foundation, is named after bayt al sha’ar, which are traditional tents used by nomadic people in Qatar and the Gulf region. Al Bayt Stadium, in keeping with Qatar’s well-known hospitality, invites visitors from all over the world, entertaining them and inviting them to experience the country’s traditional culture.

Fans entering this 60,000-seat arena will have never seen anything like it before.The entire stadium in the northern city of Al Khor is covered by a massive tent construction. The stadium will host the first match of the FIFA World Cup 2022  as well as events through the semi-finals.

2.Qatar Football 2022 Venue Al Janoub Stadium

FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums

The 40,000-capacity Al Janoub Stadium, located in the southern city of Al Wakrah, opened on May 16, 2019, with the Amir Cup final.
Al Wakrah, one of Qatar’s oldest continuously inhabited localities, was long a centre for pearl diving and fishing. Al Janoub Stadium was inspired by the traditional dhow boats employed in these pursuits. A breathtaking pre-match show paid tribute to Al Wakrah’s heritage as well as to Zaha Hadid, the architect whose firm built the stadium’s strikingly futuristic shape, at its inauguration.The Amir Cup 2019 final, which saw QSL side Al Duhail defeat Al Sadd, gave fans a taste of what they may expect at this FIFA World Cup location.

3.Qatar Football 2022 Venue Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Qatar Football 2022 Venue Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

The world’s gateway to the desert opened its doors on December 18, 2020, with a stunning opening that included the Amir Cup final.

The town of Al Rayyan, where Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium is located, is well-known for its appreciation of traditions and local culture, as well as its extremely successful football team, Al Rayyan Sports Club. The close-knit community here is devoted to the club, whose new arena will seat up to 40,000 people for FIFA World Cup 2022  matches until the quarter-finals.

The stunning undulating façade of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, which was erected on the site of a previous venue of the same name, includes emblems of Qatari culture. The stadium’s surroundings are equally representative of the country.

4.Qatar Football 2022 Venue Al Thumama Stadium

Qatar Football 2022 Venue Al Thumama Stadium

On Friday, October 22, 2021, Al Thumama Stadium was inaugurated as the site of the 49th Amir Cup Final. The match, close to the heart of all Qataris, was a fitting occasion to open a stadium steeped in local culture.

Al Thumama Stadium, 12 kilometres south of Doha’s gleaming cityscape, will host FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 matches up to and including the quarter-finals.
The stadium’s distinctive, circular shape is inspired by the gahfiya, a traditional woven cap worn by men and boys for ages throughout the Middle East. It’s a valued aspect of Arab family culture that represents dignity and independence, and it marks the beginning of every young boy’s journey to manhood.

5.Qatar Football 2022 Venue Khalifa International Stadium

Qatar’s most historic stadium and a key player in the 2022 World Cup
Khalifa International Stadium, which opened in 1976 in Al Rayyan, has long been a cornerstone of the country’s sporting legacy – and a forerunner to its bright future.

Khalifa International Stadium

This impressive 40,000-seat venue has already hosted a number of prestigious events, including the Asian Games, the Arabian Gulf Cup, and the AFC Asian Cup, among others. It has become a good ambassador for the Middle East over the years, symbolizing sporting prowess in all forms. For residents of Qatar and the region, the Khalifa International Stadium is a familiar face that draws people together.

5.Qatar Football 2022 Venue Lusail Stadium

Qatar Football 2022 Venue Lusail Stadium

The 80,000-seat Lusail Stadium will symbolize Qatar’s desire to share Arab culture with the rest of the globe. The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 final will be held here, with billions of people watching from across the world.

The combination of light and shadow that characterizes the fanar lantern inspired the design of this spectacular stadium. Its shape and façade are reminiscent of the intricate artistic themes found on bowls, vases, and other art items found throughout the Arab and Islamic world throughout the region’s ascent to civilization.


6.Qatar Football 2022 Venue Stadium 974

Qatar Football 2022 Venue Stadium 974

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