Career in Malaysia – A Hub of Work Opportunities in South East Asia-Malaysia

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Malaysia has grown and progressed into one of the most prosperous nations in Southeast Asia. Within two decades, the Malaysian society has cultivated strong ethical & moral values, promoted tolerance, democracy, and developed a competitive and dynamic economy for the entire world to witness.Career in Malaysia is very important for asian people like Pakistan Indian etc.

Malaysian Government has been extending employment opportunities to the educated, experienced, and visionary expats from the other countries, who wish to make the most of the opportunities available and play their productive part in growing Malaysian economy. What entices the working expats the most is the relatively low cost of standard and safe living in Malaysia. Additionally, the education, medical, and health facilities being given are excellent.

How to Find Career in Malaysia?

The best way to start is by searching the organizations that are functioning in Malaysia and apply for the relevant roles available there. Things may become difficult if an aspiring individual arrives in Malaysia to look for work. It may take some time for him to land a good job. So it is better to first find a job and then invited by the employer to Malaysia. The better the education and experience, the stronger the chance.

Once a person is offered a job, his employer will file the application of work permit with the local Government in Malaysia. The eligibility for work permit includes:

  • The applicant is at least 27 years old
  • The salary offered to him is at least RM 5,000/month
  • The employer’s paid up capital must be sufficient

For instant approval of the work permit application, the employee’s salary must be at least RM8,000/month. The usual validity of the work permit lasts from one to five years, after which the employer has to apply for renewal of the work permit.

After the issuance of the work permit, the employee can apply for Dependent Pass, in order to bring his/her spouse, children, to Malaysia. The documents required for Dependent Pass include:

  • Authority Letter from the Employer
  • Form DP11A with photo
  • Proof of Relationship
  • Photocopy of complete passport of the dependent
  • Photocopy of complete passport of the expat

The Dependent Pass remains valid for as long as the employment pass of the employee is valid. Afterwards, the employee may apply for the residence in Malaysia. Although the property prices have skyrocketed in Malaysia in the recent years, but there are still many options for the employee to avail. Fulfilling some requirements, an employee can also apply for mortgage for the residence.

The daily cost of living is comfortably affordable. A person can make three meals a day (drinks included) in RM20 to RM40. The improved standard of living of the people in Malaysia has given rise to many new restaurants in Malaysia. 

However, the branded stuff (international brands) is quite expensive in Malaysia. Especially the supermarkets with western products are super-expensive.

If a person is looking to avail plenty of opportunities, a fulfilling life, with a good standard of living, and a promising future, Malaysia is the right place to be at.

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