Beautiful Places to Visit in Switzerland


Here we will discuss the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland.When there is a mention of scenic beauty, Switzerland tops the list of the most beautiful tourist destinations. The endless natural beauty, enveloped with rich culture, makes Switzerland the number one spot to visit.

Switzerland has peace-loving nation, and is a politically-neutral state. People love their language and culture, and warmly welcome tourists from all over the world. People speak three languages; French, Italian, and German. 

Out of the many, some of the renowned attractions that this worldly heaven has to offer include charming Alps, snowy White Mountains, lush green grassy plains, watches, chocolate, cheese, and many more. It is not possible to name all of them, but 5 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland:


The iconic Matterhorn is the highest, most dangerous, and yet the most beautiful mountain in Switzerland, on its border with Italy. Apart from being an eye candy for the regular tourists, Matterhorn is especially an attractive spot for adventurers, climbers, and ski lovers.

Rhine Falls

Speaking about the largest waterfall of Europe, Rhine Falls is a spectacular sight to behold. The beautiful boat ride to reach the waterfall has some of the amazing scenery that includes riverside castles; amazing boulder perched in the water at the top of the waterfalls. The platforms have been constructed for enabling the visitors to view the waterfall’s beauty.

Jet d’Eau

When in the beautiful city of Geneva, one should never miss visiting Lake Geneva, which has its iconic landmark, the gigantic fountain that shoots water at an amazing height of 460 feet up into the air. During the day, Jet d’Eau is majestic, and during the night when it is lit up, it looks stunning.

The Lion of Lucerne

Famous Swiss sculptor, Lukas Ahorn, built this magnificent sculpture of a mortally wounded lion in Lucerne. This monument depicts the massacre of the members of the Swiss Guard during the French Revolution in the year 1792. The stunning masterpiece was carved around 1820-1821.

Rhaetian Railway

The Rhaetian Railway is a 130 Km long engineering wonder, which passes over 196 bridges, and goes through 55 tunnels. This magnificent project was constructed to connect Switzerland with Italy through Graubünden mountains. All along the ride, the tourists will find plenty of photogenic spots, but the most outstanding highlight of the entire ride is the curving Landwasser viaduct that will truly mesmerise the visitors.

The wonderful mountains covering over half of Switzerland, turquoise colored streams and lakes, and beautiful landscapes make Switzerland truly a heaven on earth. Tourists will also find thousands of museums to visit, and many well restored castles that have their tales to tell to the visitors. The trip may come to an end, but the mind, body and soul of a visitor will surely remain fresh for years to come.

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