Best way to Land on Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in Dubai

Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in Dubai

Aircraft Cleaner Jobs are essential to ensure the safety and comfort of airline passengers. These professionals play a crucial role in maintaining aircraft cleanliness, removing debris and ensuring that the interior and exterior of the plane are spotless. Aircraft Cleaners are responsible for cleaning the cabin, lavatories, galleys, and ensuring that all surfaces are sanitized. They are also responsible for maintaining the aircraft’s appearance by polishing the exterior and ensuring that it is free of any dirt, grime, or debris.

The role of an Aircraft Cleaner is important not only for the passengers’ comfort and safety but also for the airline’s reputation. Airlines are expected to maintain high standards of cleanliness, and Aircraft Cleaners are responsible for ensuring that these standards are met. They must adhere to strict guidelines and regulations set by the airline industry, which includes using environmentally friendly cleaning products and ensuring that they do not damage any aircraft components during the cleaning process. Additionally, they must have an eye for detail and be able to work efficiently and quickly to ensure that the aircraft is ready for its next flight.

Job Requirements

Requirements for Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in Dubai

To apply for an aircraft cleaner job in Dubai, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Capacity to Thrive in a Rapid-Paced Workplace
  • Physical Endurance and Ability to Stand for Prolonged Periods
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent as a Must-Have Qualification.
  • Must have a clean criminal record
  • The Application Process for Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in Dubai

Job Duties

The primary duty of an Aircraft Cleaner is to clean the interior of the aircraft, including the seats, overhead bins, carpets, and bathrooms. They must also maintain the cleanliness of the aircraft by checking and restocking supplies, such as towels and snacks. If they notice any damage or maintenance issues, they must report it to the appropriate authorities. It is also essential for Aircraft Cleaners to adhere to safety procedures to ensure the safety of passengers and crew.

Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in Dubai: An Overview of Working Conditions

Aircraft cleaning is a critical aspect of the aviation industry, ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on every flight. Dubai, as a major hub for international aviation, offers ample job opportunities for those looking to work in this field. In this article, we will delve into the working conditions of aircraft cleaner jobs in Dubai, including schedule and hours, physical work environment, and health and safety.

  1. Schedule and Hours

Aircraft cleaner jobs in Dubai typically involve working early morning or late night shifts to accommodate flight schedules. These shifts can range from 4 to 12 hours, and cleaners may be required to work on weekends and public holidays. Some airlines also offer full-time positions with a set schedule, allowing for a better work-life balance. The exact schedule and hours will depend on the specific company and position, so it is important to discuss this with potential employers during the interview process.

  1. Physical Work Environment

The physical work environment for aircraft cleaners can be physically demanding, as it involves cleaning the interior and exterior of aircraft. This includes tasks such as vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, and removing trash. Cleaners must be able to lift heavy equipment and bend and reach to clean hard-to-reach areas. It is also important to note that aircraft cleaners may be required to work at heights, such as on a ladder or cherry picker. A good level of physical fitness is important for this role.

  1. Health and Safety

Health and safety is of the utmost importance in the aviation industry, and the same holds true for aircraft cleaner jobs in Dubai. Companies are required to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and masks, and cleaners must follow strict health and safety procedures. This may include wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, as well as adhering to established protocols for the handling of hazardous materials. Employers must also provide proper training and support to ensure that cleaners are equipped to handle any health and safety risks that may arise in the course of their work.

Career Advancement

There is potential for career advancement within the aviation industry for Aircraft Cleaners. Many companies offer training and development opportunities to help employees grow within the company. With experience and hard work, Aircraft Cleaners can move into supervisory or management positions.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for an Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in Dubai is around AED 2,000 to AED 3,000 per month. In addition to a competitive salary, many companies offer benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and bonuses.

How to apply for aircraft cleaner jobs in Dubai

Here are some steps you can follow to apply for an aircraft cleaner jobs in Dubai:

Research the company you want to work for: Look up the company’s website and find out more about the company and their culture.

Prepare a resume: Your resume should highlight your relevant experience and skills, and be tailored to the specific job you are applying for.

Apply online: Most companies have an online application process, so you can apply for the job by filling out the online application form.

Submit supporting documents: In addition to your resume, you may need to submit a cover letter, passport copy, and other relevant documents as per the company’s requirements.

Attend an interview: If your application is successful, you may be called for an interview. Be prepared to answer questions about your experience, skills, and why you are interested in the job.

Wait for the response: After the interview, the company will let you know if you have been selected for the job.

Prepare for the job: If you are offered the job, make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as a visa and work permit, in order to start working.

Note: These are general steps and the specific requirements may vary depending on the company you are applying to.


In conclusion, Aircraft Cleaner jobs in Dubai play a vital role in ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers. The job requires physical fitness, attention to detail, and good communication skills. With opportunities for career advancement and competitive salaries, it is a rewarding career path for those interested in the aviation industry.


1.What education is required to become an Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in Dubai?

A high school diploma is typically the minimum education requirement.

What are the physical demands of the job?

Physical fitness is a must, as the job requires the ability to lift and move heavy equipment.

What skills are required for the job?

Good communication and organizational skills, attention to detail, and fluency in English are important.

What are the working hours for an Aircraft Cleaner Jobs in Dubai?

Working hours can vary and may include early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Is there potential for career advancement? 

Yes, with experience and hard work, there is potential for career advancement within the company